This week, I was walking down the street with my friend Andy, when I mentioned that the babies in the neighborhood have gotten even more adorable lately. With spring’s arrival, the general cuteness level seems to have escalated. What have you found delightful recently? Here are four things…

My honorary niece Georgie capturing a video of a cow. Our friend Selena joked, “This is how I look when I’m ordering Seamless.”

Watching ten-year-old boys dote on our hamster Buttercup. Anton even goes as far as saying, “She’s like my daughter.”

Seeing Toby get a haircut always brings back memories of his infancy. The nostalgia is real!

Lastly, witnessing a dad engage in a nail salon roleplay with his daughter. “Self-care is important,” she reminds him. Absolutely!

Share with us, what cute moments have brought you joy recently? Let’s brighten up this rainy day together 🙂

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